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Have you read the Stimulus Bill H.R.1?

I have read and talked to a lot of people regarding the stimulus and one thing seems in common. Very few have looked at the details of what is being proposed. I don’t see how you can have an opinion either way if you...

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53% of loan mods still default

In comments made by John Dugan (head of the U.S. office of the Comptroller of the Currency), home loans that received modifications for troubled home owners, still default at an alarming 53% after 6-months. From Reuters: Dugan...

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3-month Libor Drops to 2.18

 From Bloomberg, the libor is down from 4.67 a month ago in its 22nd consecutive decline to the lowest level since October 2009.  The Libor is the main benchmark for $360 trillion in products world wide and is also one of the...

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Video: Fox News Vs. Obama Spokesman

Heated exchange between Megyn Kelly (fox news) and Bill Burton (Obama Spokesman) regarding comments made by Obama regarding redistribution and Fox News leaning to the right. Even though Megyn Kelly gives Bill Burton an ear full,...

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A Change in Obama’s Estate Tax

If you have taken the time to look at who contributes the most to Obama’s campaign, you will find a who’s who of the banks that contributed the most to the housing crisis. To be far, McCain also received plenty of...

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